Ball Badminton is racket game played with a woolen ball of yellow color, upon a court of fixed dimensions. This game was played as early as 1856 by the royal family in TANJORE, District of Tamil Naidu, India. It is extensively played for over three decades since the Ball Badminton Federation of India was formed in 1954. The Federation was recognized by the Government of India.

Ball Badminton is one of the very few indigenous games of our country. It is one of the regular games in the School Games National and Inter University competitions Ball Badminton has got six “ARJUNA” awardees its players. This is a game having a rural origin.

Ball Badminton is mostly played in day light and out door. As a result climatic conditions do influence the trend of the game. Game rules were modified to distribute the effects of the climate, more or less evenly. On both the teams. Owing to its dependence on light, breeze and rain, most to the North this game well. In the recent years Ball Badminton was tried and played under flood light and even as in door game. Though it has not picked up much as indoor game. It gained momentum to be played as night game under flood light. A good number of All India Tournaments have been conducted regularly using flood lights in Tamil Naidu, Pondicherry, Andhra and Karnataka.

Ball Badminton is a team game in which a player may have to forego willingly or make sacrifice for the sake of the team as a whole. It is an exceedingly fast game demanding skill, quick perception, correct judgment, agility of movement and capacity to control the ball with proper movement of wrist.